About Me

Hello Everyone. Welcome to my Website Daniazkitchen.com I live in Azad Kashmir that is the State of Pakistan. But Kashmir actually has three parts. Well enough about Kashmir but worth writing is, “Kashmir is a Paradise on Earth”.

I am an enthusiast cook and love to experiment with recipes, try adding or subtracting the ingredients of the recipes to check the twist. I thought to share my recipes with you.

You will find a lot of recipes that you can try, ranging from drinks to the curries and baking.

By profession, I am a Math teacher and you know math is related to ratios and proportions and quantities so is cooking so you can relate to it if you are in math. That’s why I love cooking, as it’s my blood with my maths.

I hope you will like my recipes.

On my website, I not only share my recipes with you but also my life and my struggle with my kids to feed them with a healthy food.

One of my colleagues also shares her healthy recipes on this blog. Actually, she is the one, who asked me to start a website. At that time I had this domain purchased for me but didn’t put the recipes as I was busy with my other website www.voiceofsudhnoti.com  She asked me to start writing on my food blog too and then I started and our journey started. Her name is Ferdous Alhabib and she is a passionate certified physical trainer and always look for a healthy lifestyle. She is fond on eating sweets and desserts so she always comes up with her healthy version and let all of us try. I am really thankful for her to give me a push.

My one of my dear Facebook friend has just joined me on this website. Her name is Zarnain Zainab. She has completed her Master in Botany and now doing her master of Education. She is a passionate girl with great baking skills and high ambitions for her future. She is engaged and I wish her a great life ahead. We have so many things in common, I think that’s why we are on this website; our cell is full with our cooking pictures and there are other things as well but better make it short and hope, you will love her recipes.


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